I would have to say I think English language is hard to learn.  There are so many exceptions and simply some of the rules don’t apply when suppose to.  With that said my daughter was doing her writing assignment this week when I looked over her shoulder to see some mistakes.  I just let her finish the task and then started to correct it.  I’m realizing that her vowels are being spelled like they sound. For instance “bed” is spelled “bad”!  Scratching my head and think she needs some expansion on short vowels lessons.  There again…another misspelled word or should I say words!  Making compound words when they are not.  I ask her why are you doing that?  Well, mama, it is easier to keep writing the words together instead of stopping and starting over again in cursive.  HAHA!  That isn’t the correct way and she says well it is the way I like to do it!  I had to walk away because she makes me laugh.  She is so sassy and strong headed!  Explaining to her that you need to do it the way the rules apply now so you won’t create bad habits to fix later.

Why are they bad?  You can read it can’t you!?!

You Can Read It Can’t You!


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