I remember back in the day I had to require daily readings into my homeschooling.  Now it is asking my girls to put the book down and eat dinner with us!  It is so nice that the reading comprehension has clicked with my youngest, but I do worry she still reads and skims through things a bit fast.  Especially in her school studies I know she will just kinda skip over a word if she doesn’t quite understand it.  So that makes me question when she is reading for pleasure if she does the same.  I have her keeping tracks of the words she might question and then we will use those for her spelling words for the week.  It is like she is in such a hurry for everything.  Just to say she is in the next chapter or half-way through the book.  Telling her to slow down and enjoy it is like telling her to cut of her nose!  When she talks she talks so fast I have to correct her to say things the right way.  Then that upsets her because it makes her forget what she wanted to say.  I thought the phonemic awareness came first before the comprehension.  That’s the thing with her…she keeps me on my toes and living outside the box.

Slow Down


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