Ok, usually I talk about learning games for kids, things to help you student without making it look like work. I’ve talked about making flash cards, and digital bug collections and things like that.

Today, I want to tell you that I have to try out those things before I suggest them to my child, or to you. So, of course there are games like Word Search, or HigPig. These games take a bit of skill and a bit of persistence to get the correct words. They are great for reviewing vocabulary.

That brings me to my new favorite educational game. It is a keyboarding game with speed and accuracy needed to keep the character alive. I’m talking about Qwerty Warrior. I played the game to see if my daughter would like it and was hooked!

When I called her over to see it she got a charge out of cheering me on. Without bragging, let’s just say that I did pretty well! Then I had an idea…

I asked her how she thought she would do on the game and would she like to play it. She said sure, and got up and let her have the computer. After playing it a couple of times she asked me what my score was. When I told her, the competitive side of her nature reared up, she got a look in her eye, and then said, “I bet I can beat that score!”

The contest is on; I haven’t had to ask her to go play it this entire week. She is using her free computer time to try to beat my score, and in the process her spelling, keyboarding skills, and reaction times are all getting a major tune up. Ain’t competition great?!

Our new favorite online game


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