Wow, if I had a dollar for every time my daughter asked for more science I would be rich!

When we were doing elementary school science I supplemented her online curriculum with workbooks from the school supply store because she just needed more hands-on science. She would want to do three or more “experiments” each time we paused to do hands on science. The reality is that she would only do science if I didn’t insist on those other “boring” classes (i.e., everything else!)

Even as I say that though, I think back on the (ugh!) public school textbook science that I tried to get her to work on in middle school. She had already worked through the science available at the time for our online curriculum, so I thought I would supplement with a popular public school science curriculum.

First, I ordered the books off of eBay. The person quoted me one shipping price for the 15 book set. Before she got an estimate for the shipping from the post office. When she figured out what the shipping was going to be, she found out that the price I had won the bid for would not even cover the postage, much less the cost of the books. For MONTHS she put me off, not sending the books, not refunding my money, email after email.

I finally did get them, I actually felt a little sorry for her. After all the trouble to get the books, I set my daughter to them…And she hated them!
I never did get her to look at more than three of the books. Now I own a set of books that are for three years of middle school, did I mention that the 15 book set is heavy? I’m not shipping this to anyone else!

Though my daughter is technically an 8th grader now, I was overjoyed when our online homeschool curriculum began offering high school. We jumped at the chance to let her begin Biology a year early. Right now she is taking Biology and an Earth and Space Science.

I guess I have two lessons that I learned in all of this…
1) Never buy a complete series, or curriculum without letting your child try it out first. I thought because science was her favorite subject she would love the extra science work. Much trouble, many emails, and a lot of frustration all around showed me that testing the water would have been a much better option.
2) If your child loves a subject, let him or her go ahead and excel. There is nothing wrong with excellence, in fact, it is what we should all strive for!

Have a great week!

Lessons learned


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2 thoughts on “Lessons learned

  • February 2, 2014 at 11:32 am

    I too learned that lesson about buying a complete curriculum without trying first, lol. It was a very costly and expensive lesson, but I’m glad I learned it early on. 🙂


    • February 8, 2014 at 10:25 pm

      The good thing is, when you buy something and it doesn’t work, there is always a homeschooler coming behind you who might be able to use it. True, you will not get your full money back for it, but you can get some of it, and they can get a great barely used curriculum that might be just what their family is looking for!


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