In my homeschool my daughter is completely a science geek. She is always bringing up some scientific thing that I had no clue about. Let’s just say I know more useless science trivia as an adult than I ever knew growing up!

Here is an example. Have you ever heard of sun dogs? Related to poodles? No!

Sun dogs, my daughter informed me today, are atmospheric phenomena that cause an apparent ring around the Sun, probably created by light refracting off of ice crystals in the upper atmosphere. At the same level of the Sun in the sky, on this ring of ice crystals, there will appear two “phantom” suns to either side of the real Sun. It is hard for me to explain but we saw this today! When we got home after my daughter showed them to me, and explained them I looked them up on the computer.

Sometimes I worry that I don’t know all of the information that she spouts at me. What if I can’t keep up?!

Like most parents, I felt completely adequate at teaching first grade science. Despite my dislike of bugs we even had a ladybug colony, and hatched out butterflies (which were really cabbage butterflies or something like that, that the extension service told us NOT to release anywhere near the garden!) I’m even holding my own as we move through middle school science into high school.

I do worry about teaching her chemistry, though I have someone lined up to do that when we get there. Physics on the other hand, man that just scares the heck out of me! I have no clue, never took it, not in high school or college.

I think I am going to make it a goal to learn something new in science every day. While my daughter’s brain seems to have a limitless capacity to store all these scientific facts, I’m just hoping to keep my brain working! Go out and look up sundogs, if you haven’t heard of them before, it will be your science fact for the day!

( This is not my picture, but it is similar to what we saw today!)

Learn something new today!


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One thought on “Learn something new today!

  • February 23, 2014 at 11:38 am

    Sun Dogs are SO cool! There are Moon Dogs, too! 🙂 Like you, science is a big deal around here…but I really have no idea about most of the sciencey stuff, lol. Fortunately, I’m adept at Googling, and the hubs loves science, so that helps. 😀


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