It is November already, can you believe it? While November doesn’t quite stack up to the patriotic events that frame the summer, from Memorial Day and Flag Day to Independence Day, November still has a few things of note.

First, there is Election Day. This year it was mid-term elections on Tuesday of this week. If you didn’t get the chance to talk to your kids about elections then you might consider a lesson for either current events, or government, or citizenship class. While this is second grade election day spelling list, it can be used for other grades as a spelling list or as a jumping off place to speak to your children about the importance of elections and our way of government.

Voting is an act of citizenship and regardless of your choices; at least you get to choose. So even if you didn’t talk to them ahead of time, consider explaining our system to your kids. My dad came from Central America as a child, gained his citizenship, and served in the military. I have visited where he came from and was astounded by the stark differences as compared to the United States. He always held that the United States was a unique and amazing place and that citizenship, its benefits and obligations, were important and special. Whether you like or dislike the way things are going in our country, our election system is still a unique and interesting process.

Ok, then the second thing that happens in November is Veteran’s Day (that is Tuesday, of next week, 11/11/14). This is a day that began as a commemoration of the Armistice that took place on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month that ended the hostilities of World War I. In later years and to the present, Veteran’s Day continues to be a time to celebrate. According to the Department of Veteran’s Affairs website, Veteran’s Day is “…a celebration to honor America’s veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good.”

Here is a Veteran’s Day spelling list to help you jump start a conversation or lesson about Veteran’s Day. Army and Navy are already on the list and I would add Air Force and Marine, just so we don’t leave anyone or their family members out of our lesson! While this list is probably intended for use in a second or third grade homeschool curriculum, it would also be a great place to start for any grade. Younger children might just learn to spell the words, middle school children could also learn definitions, and older children could possibly do a little independent research and write a report using the spelling words on the list. This would especially work if you were homeschooling multiple grades about Veteran’s Day.

On a final note about the beginning of November, cool weather has finally reached us and the leaves are turning lovely fall shades. It seems hard to stay inside when the trees are so pretty and the air so cool. Here is my note of warning (issued quite tongue-in-cheek!)…
Work hard on school now because the major holiday season is coming and we all know that nobody wants to do school between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day!!

It’s November already!!! Ack!!


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