Sometimes, about this time in the school year, people who have their children in public school or private school begin to wonder if that form of education is really working out for their children. I’m a good example of that. It was exactly this time of year when I started thinking hmmm public school is so not working for my child! Of course, that was almost 7 years ago, and my daughter was approaching the middle of her 1st grade year.

I never wanted to homeschool, I thought it was a terrible idea. But about November, I realized that my child and traditional classroom settings were just not going to work. I cried for weeks as I tried to figure out what to do with my daughter. And I kept coming back to homeschooling. Finally, I could see no other alternative, and committed myself to figuring out what the homeschool requirements were.

It wasn’t just about the legal requirements of the state I lived in at the time, but it was also about where I would find the curriculum, and how I would adapt traditional education methods to fit my ADHD/Gifted/Defiant daughter. Around Thanksgiving I actually came across the curriculum we are still using. That curriculum is online, and is the curriculum we are still learning with, Time4Learning. We became what they call accidental homeschoolers, you know, people who thought they would never homeschool but seem to have come to the conclusion that it was worth a try. That’s us, accidental homeschoolers!

I just want you to know that no matter how frightening homeschooling seems it can be just the answer if your child is struggling in traditional school. Look into homeschooling, check out the requirements in your state, and look into curriculum choices. Think about how it might work for your child.

And if you already are homeschooling, you might notice that around November homeschooling becomes kind of ho-hum. This is pretty normal, too! When we start school in the fall it is new and exciting, by this time of year we are “into the meat of it”. It might not be easy or exciting right now. But, homeschooling, like the weather is worth waiting for. Next week it might be exciting again! Isn’t the excitement of seeing the moment when your child actually learns something worth waiting for?

Be encouraged that homeschooling can be the answer if traditional school is not working for your child. And also be encouraged if you are homeschooling and have hit a tough spell. Your homeschooling will hit another section of calm winds and forward progress. Have I ever mentioned that I love homeschooling?!


Homeschooler of one daughter for over 7 years, using their favorite homeschool resources, Time4Learning and Vocabulary and Spelling City. Interests include writing, reading, gardening, crochetting, knitting, and of course, homeschooling.

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1st Grade

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    We were accidental homeschoolers too! It was about this time of year that we pulled our son out (actually about the end of October, lol, but close enough). It’s funny…we were talking about this in our homeschooling play group last week, about how many families start homeschooling during/after their public school winter break. You’re right. By this time, many parents are noticing that for whatever reason, the school system is no longer meeting their child’s needs. It’s a fun time to start though. Kinda refreshed from a holiday break… :)


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