So what are your kids learning about these days? Mine are learning about antonyms. My kids happen to be teenagers and yet they can still learn much from studying antonyms.

The most obvious way they learn from them is an improved vocabulary. This will help them as they go into the next phase of life by helping them to sound intelligent when they go for job interviews. That is something every parent wants for their kids, if only to get them out on their own.

Another way is that it will help prepare them for the SAT or ACT. While both these tests are very different, they both contain at least a writing portion. Having practice in learning antonyms will help you kids to utilize better writing skills than their peers.

How Can Teens Still Learn From Antonyms?


Dee has been homeschooling her 3 kids for 13+ years. She and her youngest both have Asperger's and feel that is an asset rather than a disability. Dee loves writing, running, and crochet, not necessarily all at the same time.

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