Ok, so the school year is started….errr….sort of!

We have had a wild summer, I’ve mentioned that my daughter started showing the horse and qualified for the state show. Because of that we waited until after Labor Day to get started with school so we haven’t been at the new school year very long.

My daughter is starting 9th grade…high school. I’ve already mentioned that this is freaking me out!

We are dealing with a few things at one time.
1. Starting high school. This means that the course work is more difficult, and that we now have a finite amount of time to finish. This is a problem because we have always had a rather fluid school schedule. Sometimes my daughter was as much as 2 grades ahead in science, and 2 grades behind in social studies. Now we have a limited amount of time, 4 years, to finish all of her high school courses. This means we need a serious schedule, and need to stick to it!

2. My daughter is now taking piano lessons, and I mean “serious” piano lessons, requiring an hour or two of practice daily, to accomplish the assignment and performance schedule. This means we need a serious schedule, and need to stick to it!

3. We finally bought the horse that my daughter has been riding in shows all summer. It has been a lifelong dream of my daughter (granted, she is only 14, but she started saving money in her “horse fund” when she was 4!). The horse will be coming to live at our house. This means my daughter will get to work on some of the training things she wants to try with the horse. It also means that chores related to the horse require time, and horses like schedules. This means we need a serious schedule, and need to stick to it!

4. My daughter is taking an outside fine arts class in which she will be learning advanced art techniques. The standing assignment is to work on the assignments for 30 minutes a day. This means we need a serious schedule, and need to stick to it!

5. She is also taking a choir course outside of the homeschool; they have 15 songs to learn for the Christmas concert, and the performance at the Governor’s Mansion during their seasonal Open House, as well as sight singing and competition prep. They are supposed to practice their parts daily…this means we need a serious schedule….get the point?

We NEED a serious schedule and need to stick to it!!!!

So here’s the plan:
Get up early, 7am.
Feed and check on the horse.
Work on Choir, Art, and Piano lessons while breakfast calories are taking effect.
Begin her Time4Learning High School lessons. She is currently signed up for Biology, World Geography, math, and English. My intent is for her to work on this, with short breaks for more piano practice and horse time until around 3pm. Of course, there is a break for lunch in there somewhere! In addition, we interrupt regularly scheduled school 3 days a week for Piano, Choir, and Art. Ugh!
Then she will have more time to spend with the horse, practice piano some more, and work on her other two elective courses, Spanish and Livestock and Companion Animals (a text book course dealing with pet and livestock care, grooming, feeding, etc.).

I honestly cannot tell you if this is going to work out, just writing about it is exhausting for me. Soon enough we will see if it actually works or if we have to adapt our homeschool schedule. Of course, one of the reasons I homeschool is for the flexibility and the ability to adapt the curriculum to my student’s needs. I’ll let you know in a few weeks how this works out for us!

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