We are on the downhill slide for the semester! In our homeschool we are about 3 weeks from being half way through 9th grade. I have to tell you that high school is going way too fast!

If you feel like your school year is moving fast here are a few things to keep your focus and finish the semester strong:

1. Don’t slack off yet—The urge might be to spend a little extra time baking cookies, or wrapping presents, or playing in the snow (if you get it) but three weeks of school now might save you 3 weeks at the end of the school year. Set your end date for the semester and maybe count down, but keep pressing. Nick Saban, head coach of the University of Alabama football team, says one of the ways his football team remains strong is that they train to play a 60 minute football game, meaning that they don’t slack off until the game is over. It seems to work for them (congratulations on the Iron Bowl win against Auburn 55-44). Same thing applies to us as homeschoolers…school to the end of the semester!

2. Consider adapting your schooling to incorporate holiday themes. An example of this might be to read A Christmas Carol by Dickens as your literature study and then go to Vocabulary and Spelling City and create your own spelling list with words from the story, like this
8th grade A Christmas Carol spelling list
. Another example might be to rearrange your science studies and do states of matter, this is a time of year when we have steam and condensation of water in our showers, and frozen water in the form of snow and ice. You could study crystal formation, think snowflakes, or weather in science to explain the winter storms. Perhaps you could study traditions of Christmas around the world as part of your social studies, or maybe geography to map out Santa’s travels. Don’t forget to check out the NORAD site about the progress of Santa’s deliveries on Christmas Eve. https://www.spellingcity.com/view-spelling-list.html?listId=1999660

3. Finally, don’t forget that that all important socialization ? There are going to be a lot of a opportunities to participate in holiday festivities. Don’t pass them up, after all, (tongue-in-cheek) homeschoolers always need to add more opportunities for their children to experience socialization!

I wish you happy holidays from Thanksgiving through the New Year. Get some school done, but most importantly, make memories with your children!

End of Semester Countdown!


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