Homeschooling has so changed. Gone is the pirate pioneer era when once we became homeschoolers, we were bucking the trends of normalcy and fighting society for the right to education our children ourselves. This is long gone.

Homeschooling is trendy and people without a clue or any ideas have long since jumped on the bandwagon and then struggled to figure out what they got themselves into.¬† There’s now about 1.6 to 2M homeschooled children in the US and I think these are the ones NOT enrolled full time in a virtual school, public, private or charter. But I’m not sure. And I know as much about the statistics on US homeschoolers as anybody.

On another note, I’m working on an article about literacy and how the pendulum has swung around through the years between a focus on decoding and phonics vs the whole language approach. Two side threads to this that I’m thinking about are the issue of how seriously to take sight word fluency and whether decodable readers are counterproductive. I started thinking about this after reading an article about Spring and Fall¬†which I found through a fifth grade educational blog called the Seasons Four! Stay tuned for my literacy article.

Dec 2017: The State of Homeschooling


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