I have changed it up again for writing practice for my girls.  I have them writing a paragraph or more on and subject that is in the daily news.  The tsunami was quite the scare for them.  I think it will be interesting what they write about.  Hopefully this will help them from suffering boredom on trying to come up with something to write about on Fridays.

With the weather getting nicer they are getting spring fever.  Keeping the focus on school is not that easy now.  Good thing that they are ahead and have some of their subjects done for the year.  I was kinda worried when my daughter said I’m done with the whole math curriculum for the year.  She has been whizzing right through it like she was gifted or it was too easy for her.  But then looking at her work it is just that she simply gets it this year and could move quickly through it.  I just love using a curriculum that she move along at her own pace!

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