When I started with social media, blogs were new concepts, forums were all the rage, and MySpace was a big deal. AOL and Yahoo groups were also in their prime.

Now it’s 2017 and long form discussions on forums still exist but they are for those that want to go deep. I think Yahoo groups is over, MySpace and AOL certainly are. And the new social media are booming.  Facebook is considered an elderly social media and Twitter (now 2x!), Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat,  and Youtube reign for social media.

For parents, this can be shocking.  Future Shock was a book written perhaps in teh 70s but it was prescient in explaining what many of us feel as we try to keep up taking advantage of technology to help our kids with homeschooling. Computers, tablets, and Chromebooks are the dominant platforms but the phones are getting bigger and more powerful. Nobody really cares anybmore whether people use a PC or Mac since all the action takes place inside the browser, usually a Chrome browser these days.

The Big Five technolgoy companies are pushing everyone else to the edges: Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft. Are Oracle and IBM now just also rans?

In terms of education, much less has changed. I have gotten involved in a discussion about building a STEM unit around bicycles, it would be a math and engineering lesson. Anybody interested?

Could 2017 be ending already?


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